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Episode 198 – Minerva McGonagall: A Mean Bite

We are getting down with one of our favorite Homegirls this week! Join Kat, Rosie, Caleb, and guest host Cody as they get into a deep discussion on Minerva McGonagall, taking a look at her past, character, and legacy.

On Episode 198 we discuss…

→ Minerva’s Hatstall: why wasn’t it mentioned in the series?
→ Did James Potter know Martin McGonagall?
→ Just how much did Albus & Minerva share with each other?
→ A tragic love life
→ Did Ron use McGonagall to learn about Hermione?
→ Minerva & Snape; what’s the deal?
→ Does McGonagall believe Harry is The Chosen One?
→ What makes McGonagall so akin to felines?

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On this recap we discuss…

→ Does Salazar have Muggle relatives?
→ Do Ilvermorny wand rules pose serious issues?
→ Why Ilvermorny houses are superior to Hogwarts
→ The choice to live or die makes all the difference