Alohomora’s Final 100

Yes, folks, the rumors are true. Alohomora! podcast is coming to a close – but not anytime (too) soon, and not without some epic, fun, and crazy in-depth discussions (and maybe *wink* an extra special guest or two… or three…) Though before we jump to the ending, let’s discuss how we got here.

When Alohomora! launched in 2012 as the fandom’s original Harry Potter reread, it was to a massive global audience. Not a single one of us could have anticipated just how much the fandom was starving for discussion, nor how quickly the podcast and community was going to grow. We became a household name overnight, from being listed alongside fandom greats such as MuggleCast and PotterCast in Harry Potter BuzzFeed quizzes to garnering hundreds upon hundreds of comments on each of our episodes. In fact, though the craze has settled since our launch, Alohomora! remains in the Top 5 of the most downloaded Harry Potter podcasts of all time, and we hold the title of the second-longest-running continuously released Harry Potter podcast.

Throughout the past twelve years and over 400 episodes, we’ve explored the series week after week, chapter after chapter, topic after topic, and movie after movie, and now it is time to embark on our final chapter: finishing our second re-read in our Final 100 episodes.

Don’t worry! We still have two full years of episodes (95 chapters and 5 films, to be exact), and there once again will be episodes even more regularly, as we’re going back to weekly releases! That means more magic, more often, for you!

For the past twelve years, we’ve been so grateful for the support we’ve received and the community we’ve built. The true magic in this reread has been Opening the Dumbledore with our hosts, editors, guests, and listeners. Our Final 100 is going to be no less exciting. We are kicking the first block of episodes off with a celebration of community, which you can learn more about on Episode 402 when it hits the stream June 1, 2024.