Episode 77 – GoF, Movie Watch: Magic Silver Toilet (LIVE)

Episode 77 was our latest LIVE show, and we watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire together. Kat, Caleb, Michael, and Laura watched and discussed the film’s big topics with all of you and our special guest from the Potter films!

On Episode 77 we discuss…

→ Box office success
→ But it’s pretty!
→ Underused new cast
→ Most painful book-to-movie cuts
→ Teenage drama
→ Lead Potter Sculptor Bryn Court shares amazing details!
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  • DolphinPatronus

    Great episode! It was fun to chat & I enjoyed being able to call in & hearing all the other calls. It was nice to be able to put voices to screen names.

  • Bill White

    I think that if they minimized the yule ball scenes I would have like to see the BCJR confession because I think that would have tied the whole film together instead of leaving viewers with the “What?” at the end of the movie. I think the BCJR confession w/flashbacks would have again tied the movie together but still a great podcast

  • Silverdoe25

    What is Bryn Court’s website again? Also, I would love if you would post audio of comments during the GoF movie. I couldn’t be there for the live view, but I would download a commentary and listen later while I watched.

    • Michael Harle

      You can click his name in the show summary above and that will take you to Mr. Court’s website. :{ )

    • DolphinPatronus

      That movie watch portion was a chatroom only. No audio that I recall.

  • TimDrakeFan

    The worst cut from this movie is the sirius lack of Sirius Black