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Episode 228 – Nineteen Days Later: What a Mess

It’s been nineteen years since Voldemort and Harry’s showdown shook the wizarding world. After a war like that, how much can magic really fix? Join Alison, Beth, Michael and guest hosts Jon and Shauna as they try to piece together what happened Nineteen Days Later in the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Hogwarts.

On Episode 228 we discuss…

→ MuggleNet Live! Nineteen Years Later Recap
→ Harry’s new house
→ Ron’s Wizard Wheezes
→ “OMG, my parents! They’re in Australia!”
→ Boring staircases
→ Colin Creevey’s ghost
→ The latest from Potterwatch
→ Expecto Patronum Maxima!
→ Slytherin’s second chance
→ Counselors and statues

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On this recap we discuss…

→ Movie misfires
→ #KrumLove?
→ Put upon Percy
→ Societal pressures
→ Will boys be boys?