Episode 195: Quidditch Through the Ages, Chapters 1-6 – Savage Snitch

Hello sports fans! The time has past for fairy tales and dictionary’s of a wanderer – it’s time for a history lesson. Hosts Rosie, Michael, and Kat are joined by guest host Lyle for the first six chapters of Quidditch Through the Ages. Grab your Nimbus or Firebolt and join us on the pitch!

On Episode 195 we discuss…

→ Time turning to 2001
→ Meet Kennilworthy Whisp
→ A visit to London’s Museum of Quidditch
→ Medieval history lessons
→ The Bladder Games
→ Finding Queerditch Marsh
→ Nostalgia bombing with Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup
→ Darwin eats a Snidget
→ Harry’s Quidditch career that could have been
→ Madam Hooch’s secret history
→ Muggle Quidditch

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  • HowAmIGoingToTranslateThis

    I just learned that my hometown has a Quidditch team! and the Quidditch World Cup will be in four weeks in my country, so I’ll find someone to take along and go there.

    books that punish readers who write in them are a funny idea, overall I love the thought of somehow-sentient books that interact with readers – until I remember Ginny’s horrible experience.

    In my early childhood – before anyone I knew had met Harry Potter – we played witches riding on broomsticks, too, and I’m curious if children today still get the idea from fairy tales or if they encounter Harry’s story early enough to link flying on brooms to that specific story world only.

    Gertie Keddle’s jinx that turns someones knees backwards sounds really mean to me. Gertie may not be very fond of Quidditch or know the days of the week, but I wouldn’t want to duel her. Also, how many women in the eleventh century were able to read and write at all? That is an achievement on it’s own.

    • ThatTimeRemusWaddiwasiedVoldy

      When I was nannying a few years ago, at the children’s school I noticed a group of them (aged 4-6) pretending to be flying on broomsticks and when I asked what they were playing they said “Harry Potter”. They all listed off the characters they were playing, but then one said she was “Kiki” and I realized she was refering to Miyazaki film “Kiki’s Delivery Service”. So she at least was drawing from something other than Potter. I don’t know what that says about the generation as a whole, but that has been my only experience with children and broomstick play. What I did find odd though was that other children were trying to convince “Kiki” that she had to be someone from HP or she couldn’t play. I had to step in and discuss with them that they could each be whoever they wanted and still play their game. It was a bit of a shock really, having to explain acceptance, tolerance, and imagination to bunch of HP fans. They were quite young though, and most had only been through the first book or two so it is understandable that there were certain moral lessons they hadn’t picked up on yet.

      • HowAmIGoingToTranslateThis

        HP fans or not, I’ve seen this kind of argument often among children in that age group. They grow out of it, mostly, and learn to see the fun and possibilities in crossover games.

  • Wouldn’t it be cool if they converted the Studio Tour into the London Quidditch Museum just for a summer or so. It would definitely make a lot of money.

  • HowAmIGoingToTranslateThis

    What other sports could be played on brooms?
    I keep thinking of acrobatics, or people balancing on tiptoe on their brooms, jumping from broom to broom in slow flight. Or what about hide and seek?

    • SnapesManyButtons

      I think just plain broom races would be cool. Or maybe with obstacles that you have to go over/under, through or around.

      • HowAmIGoingToTranslateThis

        Is there a limit to the altitude a broom can go? Flying to Saturn wouldn’t work, but trying to go higher than anyone else until the air gets to thin…

        • Well, QTtA does mention that some brooms were promoted by their creators as being able to reach higher altitudes. Some brooms would become harder to control as the rider got higher.

    • ThatTimeRemusWaddiwasiedVoldy

      I LOVE the idea of all kinds of broom sports. There is so much potential. What about some kind of aerial broomstick acrobatics? Flying freeze-tag, capture the flag. You could make pretty much any Muggle playground game into a broomstick version. I honestly think the jousting sounds like insane fun, if rather dangerous.

      • Also, ‘programming’ brooms with magic to react to certain things in certain ways – like, if the broom is hit by another broom, it stops working, for freeze-tag.

      • HowAmIGoingToTranslateThis

        I guess that jousting would rather be played on those toy brooms than with real ones flying higher than two meters. Otherwise more people on the ground would have to be ready to cast cushioning charms at any moment.

        can we get a list of Quidditch / broomstick flying world records?

        formation flying, flying combined with archery, weight lifting on brooms, how many people can you fit on a broom, or slowly and gracefully hovering through the grounds of Hogwarts while reading, on a laid-back broom like Mad-Eye uses in the movies.

  • Silverdoe25

    So, Harry was breaking a big time Quidditch rule when he snuck his wand in during Prisoner so he could fight off dementors!

    • ThatTimeRemusWaddiwasiedVoldy

      Also, what about the use of the water repelling charm Hermione uses on Harry’s glasses, and that the whole team uses later? Are those not considered illegal use of wands in a match? Perhaps Hooch just didn’t notice those, but that can’t be said for the dementor stuff. Everyone totally saw him Expecto Patronum Malfoy and his goons. I suppose it may have been let slide because Malfoy deserved it, Harry wasn’t attacking the team he was currently playing, and because well, Dementors had gone after Harry so yeah, he gets to have his wand at all times.

    • Self-defence.

      • Silverdoe25

        There are lots of reasons a Quidditch player could call self-defense on. Some, like bludgers, are even a part of the game! Bottom line – rule breaker! 🙂

  • DoraNympha

    I like that you brought up the similarities between magical and muggle sports, and on that note, I can’t not think about quidditch when playing tennis because it feels like Beater practice. If both players are HP fans, you can also try playing without letting the balls touch the ground as if actually doing some quidditch beating! (I’m a Ravenclaw, I get bored of sports easily if I keep to the rules.)

    • ThanksHermione

      Good call! For being the main form of wizard transportation, we really don’t see too much of it throughout the series. It always bothered me when Umbridge took Harry’s broomstick in OOTP for this reason. I mean, obviously, I was boiling mad at the huge injustice of the whole situation, but especially because Harry might have had other needs for his broom. Again, I can’t hold Umbridge to a high moral standard, but it seems really problematic to take his broom. It made me wonder whether students with brooms would be allowed to fly to and from school for holidays. Or if people ever just take a spin around the castle to get some fresh air. I agree that it seems weird that only 28 out of the supposed 1000 students at Hogwarts are allowed to fly.

      • No, Harry wouldn’t have had other needs for his broom. He dosen’t need to leave school until the end of term, and then he takes the Hogwarts express.

        Also, broomsticks are not the “main form of wizard transportation”. Wizards don’t actually travel often, and when they do, they tend towards floo powder and Apparation, which are less expensive and risky (for both the traveller and the statue of secrecy) then a broom.

        • DoraNympha

          Actually, I’ve found it a bit of a ridicilous joke throughout the series when people use brooms instead of quicker ways of transportation. I mean, the Death Eaters came to Xenophilius ON BROOMS. Death Eaters. From the Ministry. Really? Was there absolutely no one who could Apparate there or use the Floo, or take a Portkey? OR ANYTHING? Or, while I think Fred and George just sort of landed somewhere outside the Hogwarts premises and just Apparated to London from there (having passed their Apparition tests with distinction!), it’s a hilarious picture if they just flew all the way to London on their brooms. They had had this awesome moment of being rockstars basically, and then five minutes later “… okkay.. my knuckles are getting cold but it’s still like six hours……we could pass the time with games?”

          • No, they had to use their brooms. Or else they’d have to try that ridiculous stunt Harry does with Riddle at the battle of Hogwarts in the film version of Hallows.

    • frumpybutsupersmart

      In OotP, Harry says that after the OWLs were over, he was going to have a fly on Ron’s broom and ‘savour the freedom from revision’. So the impression I’ve got from that is that anyone can use the pitch when they like as long as it isn’t already being used by house teams (because we know that teams can book the pitch for their own use). I can imagine first-years who want to practice flying can just grab a school broom from the shed and fly around on weekends if they want to. I would totally have flying races with my friends whenever I could.

      PS – This is my first post after FINALLY catching up on the podcast! Hello everyone!

      • DoraNympha

        You’re right, they do use the pitch outside practices! I totally forgot. And welcome to Alohomora, I’m happy to say I also caught up at last after having missed the past 2 months of episodes. I can finally comment again!

  • DoraNympha

    Oh and I think it was Warwick Davis who did the cheese rolling!

  • Melissa Biemans

    Moosejaw is a city name in Canada. Just a heads up 🙂 They took the name from that, I’m sure – not Moose and “how can we make this longer”

  • I’m going to nit pick for a moment…GR8 is not strictly text speak. I’ve seen it used my entire life & I’m pushing 40. Everywhere from personalized license plates to graffiti & yearbook signatures.