Episode 189: DH Book Wrap – Fossil Palace

It’s the end of an era. But before we say goodbye to Deathly Hallows and our book centered discussions, we have a few more things to wrap up! Join hosts Michael, Eric, Kat, and Alison, along with guest host Chris Rankin (Percy Weasley himself!) as we wrap up the last book in the Harry Potter series.

On Episode 189 we discuss…

→ Episode 188 Recap: The burden of being a Potter child; “All was well”; problematic Ron; regards to Rita Skeeter
→ PQOTW Responses
→ A lighting shaped dedication
→ Who reads poetry when you’re looking for Potter?
→ For the British, more is definitely more
→ Defacing busts and other publishing facts
→ Book Covers discussion
→ A VERY special surprise from our editors!
→ Check out the Alohomora! store

International Covers:

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  • daveybjones999 .

    Wow I haven’t listened to it yet but I just looked at the episode time and it’s over 3 hours I can’t wait.

  • daveybjones999 .

    For the Italian cover the words on the cover are the Italian translation of the text on the Potter’s Grave. The words on the cover are L’ultimo nemico che sarà sconfitto è la morte by typing in English, “The last enemy that shall be defeated is death.”

    • Alison

      That’s what I was thinking! Thanks for the clarification.

  • Can I just say (living in Japan) that it’s common for that to happen here. Japan don’t do over sized things here. Small and dainty is the key. Most Japanese books that are part of a series have been split. I’ll be heading to a book shop to check out the splits.

  • So I checked the books in Japan and the two part book covers were sealed. However, they have also broken down the series into a 20 part book series! All with different covers too. Book 1 has 2 parts, 2 has 2, 3 has 2, 4 has 3, 5 has 4, 6 has 3, and 7 has 4!

  • I wonder what Irish covers would look like… then again, only Órchloch (PS/SS) is available as Gaeilge

  • HedwigIsMySoulmate

    Such a beautiful episode to end on. Great that Chris made an appearance. The ‘Open the Dumbledore’ mix made me cry and I’m so sad knowing things will never be quite the same again. You guys have been my friends for four years without even knowing it. You’ve given me something to look forward to every single week no matter what.
    You’ve also shown me how to critically analyse a text, something I previously had no idea how to do (and had no idea would get so complicated). I feel like we’ve all earned a certificate for our Alohomora graduation.
    Thank you all for being such amazing people. I look forward to what you have in store for us next.

  • Voldemort’s Lost Nose

    Danish guy here. The pronounciation of the title was pretty funny to me. Terribly wrong, but pretty funny 😉 The artist actually did read the book before designing the cover (the Danish edition wasn’t released until November 2007). I don’t know whether it’s a particularly Danish thing, but a lot of book covers over here show concepts rather than scenes from a book. It’s meant to set the tone, not reveal anything about the story. So what the cover represents is the feeling that we’re going to war now, and Harry’s the leader. The scene pictured doesn’t exactly happen, but it represents the tone of the war (and, in particular, the Final Battle)

  • Arthur Dent

    Prior to release, German fans could vote for one of two cover designs; the alternative would have been the Fiendfyre scene in the Room of Requirement, which I personally preferred. (You can see both versions here: http://bc02.rp-online.de/polopoly_fs/covfusiebten-harry-pottauswahl-stehen-1.2146954.1321307668!httpImage/3743146540.jpg_gen/derivatives/d540x303/3743146540.jpg )

    • HowAmIGoingToTranslateThis

      Thanks for linking it, I had forgotten about that even though I did vote back then. I also like the Fiendfyre scene better, although it looks very “unruhig” to me.

      • Arthur Dent

        A friend of mine used the same word to describe it. 😀

  • FlobberwormFangirl

    This was a great final episode, thank you for taking us along for this amazing re-read!

    I’m also glad that you finally gave a swedish cover the appreciation it deserved! DH is probably Alvaro Tapia’s (the swedish illustrator) best cover imo (but I think the other ones are really pretty as well, even though you laughed at most of them).

    And Michael, you are amazing but you really need to work on that swedish pronunciation.

    • Michael Harle

      Hey, woah, hey, hey! Small moves. ^_^

  • I really enjoyed hearing Chris! Can he come back again please?!?!

  • Griff

    My Salamandra copy of Sorcerer’s Stone (la piedra filosifal), was bought in the US, but on the inside says printed in Spain. My guess is that these are printed in Spain and can be found throughout the Spanish-speaking world, much as the UK edition is in the English-speaking world!

  • Eric

    Thank you for providing easy links to the international book covers. It made listening to the book cover discussion part more enjoyable. I can’t believe we’re wrapping up the last “Harry Potter” book already. It seems like last week that I just started listening to the Alohomora! podcasts. Thank you for four magical years!

  • The people of Holland ship de Harmonie.

  • Question; what’s the skull and globe on the Ukraine cover?

  • HowAmIGoingToTranslateThis

    Chris Rankin in a 3-hour-episode: you’re spoiling us!

    • Kat

      Going out with a bang? 🙂

      • HowAmIGoingToTranslateThis

        It’s always wonderful when an episode is such a delight because you were enjoying yourselves so much! Finishing the re-read with so much to be proud of and on top of that coming up with even more ideas and plans for the future – Ravenclawsome!

  • CorruptCrystallisedPineapple

    I am not sure if this is only in the Swedish books, but we actually have a black page covered with white stars at the end of every chapter. I remember thinking (and still think) that it was so beautiful and really added to the magic of the books when I was younger. And we also have reflective silver used on all book covers, for this book it is the title and small stars surrounding it that is done in the silver.

    • ThatTimeRemusWaddiwasiedVoldy

      Yes! I was going to mention this. A friend of mine brought back a set when she visited family in Sweden, it was awesome to see them in person. I thought the black pages with stars were such a nice touch.

  • SpinnersEnd

    Oh my goodness. I can’t believe it’s over!

    • ISeeThestrals

      Me too. I didn’t think this moment would ever get here, because it seemed so far away.

  • Roonil Wazlib

    Chris Rankin was a delight! I really needed the laughs that this episode brought today. Thanks always, Alohomora <3

  • ISeeThestrals

    I was on vacation in California when this book came out. I went ahead and bought it there but waited til I got home to read it. Such a difficult wait.

    • Lisa

      It took me three weeks to read DH. I never understood people who read it in a few hours. This was going to be the last HP book ever and I wanted to make it last as long as possible so I forced myself to only read one or two chapters a day.

      • ISeeThestrals

        I know! I feel like I got annoyed hearing that people read it all practically in one day, as I feel there’s no way to savor the adventure when you read a book like that. I too took my time. No rush, because before you know it you’re gonna finish anyway.

      • Alison

        Rereads! I read it rather quickly, and then started it right over again, and then again, and again…

  • HowAmIGoingToTranslateThis

    One more thought on the names of the Potter children: Famous people picking names for their children that make you feel sorry for said children – is that as common as I feel it is? Harry’s choices would fit that trope. Jo might have had the symbolism of the naming in mind, but on another level she did what many other famous people did before her. Name her characters something cringeworthy.

    McGonagall’s giant Wizard Chess Pieces from PS would have been awesome in the final batle. Assuming they can move aside from a chess board.

  • ThatTimeRemusWaddiwasiedVoldy

    I LOVE the new Bloomsbury adult editions. I have a bunch of old sci-fi and fantasy paperbacks from when my dad was a teenager, and this cover design totally fits the same aesthetic, especially with that orange and green color combo. I must get my hands on that set.

  • I realised I had to put the my article in past tense, and now it really feels over. =(

    • Kat

      AWWWWW – you made us a Wikia page!? Thank you! <3

      • Sorta confused how you managed to go FOUR YEARS without one.

  • Tommi Halonen

    Hello, Finnish HP fan here,
    The covers are done by Mika Launis who, if I have understood correctly, does work along with the Finnish Harry Potter books translator so that is one of the reasons we’ve got this kind of “”unique”” art style.

    The “Egg” represents Dobby’s grave and “”the Sauron’s tower”” is the tent that trio sleep all year 🙂
    The ropes… oh god, I’m not going to comment on those!

    Also, the pronounciation of the name is spot on!

  • OPEN THE DUMBLEDORE! Glad to have been there to do so.

  • Hollywobbles

    I vote that for next year, on the anniversary, there is a live movie marathon. Start with PS/SS at 6 am (when they leave Shell Cottage) and continue on until the end of DH2, which, since the total run time is almost 24 hours, will end it near the end of the battle. Im down, anyone else??????

    • HowAmIGoingToTranslateThis

      Your idea is great! May 2nd 2017 is a tuesday, so anyone who wants to do this needs to plan early. Or for anyone who has a holiday on May 1st starting one day early would count, would it?

      • SnapesManyButtons

        Sounds great, but on Tuesday there’d be school and work so I’d miss a lot of it… We don’t get May 1 off here. Can’t we do it in honor of the anniversary and not ON the anniversary?

        • HowAmIGoingToTranslateThis

          of course, and for everyone who finds it easier to do the movie marathon in September in honor of the epilog, just pick a date that suits you.
          and while you’re at it, reading the entire series consecutively in as little time as possible is another way to celebrate.

    • ThatTimeRemusWaddiwasiedVoldy

      Ooo yes please! Must have ALL the snacks and butterbeer on deck for this undertaking.

    • Kat

      Hmmmm, intriguing thought…

    • ISeeThestrals

      I’m all for doing PS/SS since one was never done. Unfortunately I’m not good at doing movie marathons, and abc family does Harry Potter ones all the time. But you guys enjoy cause a movie watch is fun.

  • the head girl

    MY BAE.

    Thank you for a really lovely final (but not the end!) episode! You were, as always, a delight to listen to. I’m excited to see where we go next!

  • My favourite cover is definitely the Swedish one. It captures Harry Potter as a character exactly as I imagined him and used the colour contrast to really emphasis the details and draw the eye to Harry. It’s bold, fantastical and simply marvilous! This was another amazingly hilarious episode and an awesome start to my day!

  • ISeeThestrals

    My final thoughts on the whole reread experience:
    It was the most wonderful thing I accidentally stumbled across. At the time I really wasn’t all that aware of Harry Potter podcasts being out there, and I never used to stick around listening to podcasts for long, but once I stumbled across this, I stayed with it. So fascinating. It greatly helped broaden my knowledge and understanding of Harry Potter when before I had only read the surface. You guys really brought up excellent questions and theories that helps us all get underneath a series that continues to be discussed to this day. Thank you for rekindling a second look at a series about the boy with the lightning shaped scar 🙂

  • QuaffleFeather49

    Chinese characters are logographic instead of alphabetic, so we don’t “spell” words out. There are no equivalents to alphabets like “J” and “K”. “Rowling” can be transliterated into those two characters “羅琳” which are pronounced “Luo Lin” (Well, close enough to Rowling :/) “Harry Potter” becomes “哈利波特” “Ha Li Bo Te”
    There are different Chinese languages (such as Mandarin, Cantonese etc.) but only one writing system (with traditional/simplified versions). That’s why logographic characters work better than alphabets for the Chinese- it suits all of the diverse languages-even if they pronounce the same words differently, they all understand the printed words.

  • ISeeThestrals

    I don’t know what else can be said about Snape in concerns to a topic, lol.

    • SnapesManyButtons

      I think they need to wait a long time before they bring up Snape again. Personally, I still feel a little worn down from last time and i don’t think I can participate in another discussion for quite a while.

      I decided Snape lovers vs haters is like dog lovers vs haters. If you love your dog you look at him and see the good things about him/her. The love they give, the fun you have, the loyalty and how adorable they look to you. But someone who doesn’t like dogs will never see that. They only see an animal that smells, sheds, barks, poops and needs too much attention. Snape haters will never see in him the things we love about him and we Snape lovers will never hate him for the things they hate him for. Such is life.

      • ISeeThestrals

        I’m definitely a dog lover, and though I feel I’ve barely shifted in my feelings about Snape, the whole debates on this site were really great and thought provoking. And if they discuss Snape again, I do agree it needs to wait a long time.

        • Efthymia

          I think it really is Snape lovers vs. Snape haters.
          I am an other-characters-lover (there are many characters I love more than Snape, even though I do consider Snape one of the most interesting ones), but I don’t hate Snape. I hate other characters (e.g. Umbridge and Pettigrew), and there are people who hate Snape as much as I hate those other characters.

        • SnapesManyButtons

          Yes, it has to be dog lovers vs dog haters because it really is Snape lovers vs Snape haters that will never see eye-to-eye. It really isn’t that bad here, I’ve SO appreciated the rational discourse we can have here without things degenerating to hateful speech. (That doesn’t happen in other places on the internet where people are afraid to even post a picture of Snape for fear of the hate they’ll receive.) But if it were dog lovers vs cat lovers it would just be a matter of “I love Snape and you love Sirius,” but it isn’t that. It’s people who love Snape vs people who can find no redeeming value in him whatsoever. Who look for the worst in everything about him. If he does the right thing, it’s for the wrong reason. If he loves somebody it’s not real love. It almost seems like they actively look for reasons to hate him rather than just not liking him and enjoying the characters they do love. Just like people who love Snape, they will never change their minds and there’s no reason to waste effort trying.

  • ISeeThestrals

    Anyone recall which podcast it was where “Open the Dumbledore” first started? I feel compelled to listen to the episode that gave birth to that saying 😀

    • Kat

      The first episode! We came up with that saying before we even started the show. It’s been with us the entire time 🙂

      • ISeeThestrals

        Really. Nice. I was thinking it was the 2nd or third. Thanks 🙂

  • Efthymia

    I know the podcast will continue, but I still have that sad “it’s all over” feeling. 🙁

    Can I interest you in a Whedonverse podcast? (Buffy alone would be 144 episodes.)
    And then a Stephen King one?
    And would you mind podcasting forever about things I love in general?

    Thanks! 🙂

  • You’reSayingItWrong

    Thank you all so much for the whole podcast (so far)! This was a great episode to close the book on; Chris Rankin was a great guest.

    As a Finnish reader, I absolutely love listening to your commentary on the Finnish covers. They divide opinions even among Finnish readers… A couple of explanations:

    – What looks like tentacles around Harry’s shoulders is actually just a cape. Most of the characters on the covers wear similar ones on all of the covers. They’ve never made any sense to anyone.
    – Behind Harry is the tent.
    – Mika Launis, who drew the covers, explained in an interview that he gave the characters big noses, because apparently great wizards in stories always have really long/big noses. So that was supposedly symbolic of how Harry & co. are going to be/are great wizards. (This is also the reason why Umbridge/frog person on the Finnish OotP cover has a really small & flat nose.)

    Excluding the Finnish ones, my absolute favourite international covers are the Swedish ones. Their illustrator did a really good job – especially with Deathly Hallows. One day I’ll buy the prints (and the books).

    Also: Michael, despite my username, your Finnish pronunciation was great!

  • Bill White

    UK adult is misspelled and signature is also misspelled I like Chris Rankin I thought you would get jk Rowling

  • colossians3man

    Who are the Weasleys carrying on the book of the Ukraine cover? And who is standing outside the Fossil Palace?

  • ILoveLunaLoveGood

    I wanna say that if I ever get the chance to read Harry Potter in school with students I will be recommending these shows. Its been great rereading the books with this show as a companion and it is generally timeless so I hope it will stay available etc.

  • Abi

    Really been enjoying listening to these podcasts – they’re such great companions to the books and this final book wrap was a great closing episode of the re-read. I hope they remain available indefinitely as I have an urge to go back and re-read the books and listen all over again – thank you for making such a wonderful show!