The Team

Working with the crazy hosts of the podcast isn't easy work...

not when they are constantly changing, improving, and adding to the site! To help manage this chaos, they assembled a noble team to help keep Alohomora! the very best it could be. Learn about these courageous souls below!



Patrick, the podcast's Lead Editor, is a busy guy! In between working at a recording studio in Omaha Nebraska, producing his own podcast called The Music Room, and listening to a whole lotta music, Patrick has somehow found time to immerse himself in the Potter universe! He has been a Potter fan since the beginning and considers it an honor to be able to directly contribute to keeping the “Potter spirit” alive.


Ashley was born on a dull gray Christmas Eve night and is as un-Dursleyish as one could possibly be, thank you very much. She’s a proud Hufflepuff who’s loved Harry Potter since she was 8 years old. She’s lived and breathed Potter for 20 years and never plans on stopping. She’s a Christian, a wife, a mental health activist, a film snob, and most importantly a bookworm. She’s also proud of the fact that people in her life see Potter merchandise and think of her, but gets very sad when they don’t get her Potter references. She suspects the Nargles are behind it.


A very special thanks to the individuals who contributed to the overall Alohomora! look & feel.

Former host and voice of the chapter titles, Michael Harle, for your talent and knowledge.

Courtney Autumn Martin, logo design: