How to Leave a Successful Voicemail

So, you want to leave us a voicemail? Read below for a few tips!

→ First, let us remind you that using SpeakPipe (below) is totally free! It uses your computer or phone’s internal microphone to record your voice.
→ Next, be sure you know what you want to talk about! Rambling is never fun!
→ Try to eliminate as much background noise as possible. Fans makes a lot more noise than you think!
→ Speak clearly and don’t forget to tell us your name.
→ Please keep your question or comment to under 90 seconds.
→ Think critically & have fun!

We literally can’t wait to hear from you!

NOTE: By leaving us a voicemail, you are agreeing to let us use your message for promotional purposes, on-air recordings, or any other use we deem appropriate, without monetary compensation or legal rights.