The Alohomora! Podcast Hosts

The hosts of Alohomora! have collectively worked on MuggleNet for over fifty years.

That's a lot of brain power. So, you would think that hosting a podcast with that many years of Potter experience would be easy. You would be right. No, just kidding. The hosts make it look easy, but it's not. They do have a lot of fun though! Want to know more about their mundane Muggle lives? All the boring details are below.

Alison has been a Harry Potter fanatic since she was five, and has since read the series over fifty times. A proud (and often conflicted) Gryffinpuff, she graduated from Brigham Young University in English Education and currently teaches high school English and drama. Though she can connect absolutely everything to Harry Potter, she also loves reading, writing, music, traveling, hanging out with family and friends, and thinking about all of the above. She’s been told that she basically is Hermione Granger, from the bossiness to the naturally frizzy hair and everything in between.

Beth is a proud Puff currently living in St. Louis and working as a Muggle software developer. Beth was introduced to the Wizarding World when her first-grade teacher read Sorcerer’s Stone aloud in class and she was immediately hooked. After nearly 20 years of participating in the fandom, Beth’s parents have been forced to acknowledge that Harry Potter is a permanent part of her life. She is a founding member of McGonagall’s Army trivia team, a fervent member of the Harry Potter themed cross stitching group School of Magical Stitches and Literature, and is always pining for the next trip back to the Wizarding World in Orlando.

Irvin is a 27-year-old Ravenpuff hailing from New York City, where he does taxes by day and all things geeky by night. Irvin has been “MuggleNet’s controversial columnist” since 2011, writing under the moniker “hpboy13” over at the Three Broomsticks. In 2018, his first book was published: The Life and Lies of Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. In his spare time, he is the Dark Lord of the Dance, leader of the Dancing Death Eaters; an active member of NYC’s Meetup group, The Group That Shall Not Be Named; and an avid cosplayer. Aside from working hours, Irvin has no muggle life!

Kat, a proud Ravenclaw from Massachusetts, has been a part of the Harry Potter fandom for most of her adult life. Now in her mid-30’s, she has read (and listened to) the Harry Potter series so many times, she has lost count! As the podcast’s resident Eagle, she has basically memorized the lexicon, usually has the correct answer to a question, and loves to prove others wrong! The 10% of her life that she spends not thinking on, talking about, or reading Harry Potter, is dedicated to travel, studying American Sign Language, and petting her two adorable, soft kitties.

Katy, a ’79 baby and Carolina girl, fell in love with the Wizarding World when the first Potter movie was released in 2001. A professional fangirl, she has been creating websites since 1997 and podcasting since 2005, co-hosting Masters Cast and later Brite Cast. Her love for all things tech pushed her towards a Bachelor’s degree in IT. Her passion for all things Potter inspired her to become a part of MuggleNet staff in 2017. Like any good Ravenclaw, her curiosity is never satiated. When she’s not Pottering around the net (hah!), she can be found adding to her massive Rainbow Brite collection, traveling with her husband, or snuggling with their two cats.

Rosie, a 24-year-old Medieval Studies and Literature student from Oxford, UK, has been working for MuggleNet for over eight years though most people probably didn’t know. She’s spent most of her time over on MuggleNet Fanfiction moderating stories and exploring all aspects of the Potterverse both within the canon and fan-universes. A loyal Hufflepuff, she loves to find new ways of viewing the text and making connections within the fandom.