• Chapter Revisit,  Podcast

    Episode 233: PoA 21 Revisit – Somewhere in Time

    Snape's vindictiveness reaches an all-time high as he tries to convince the Minister for Magic that Sirius Black is, indeed, a murderer. But Harry and Hermione know the truth, and so does Dumbledore. Three turns does it to send them back in time to make right what could have gone horribly wrong. Join hosts Beth, Eric, Katy and guest host Josh, as they try to understand the mechanics of "Hermione's Secret," chapter 21 of Prisoner of Azkaban.

  • Question of the Week

    Podcast Question of the Week: Episode 233

    Madam Pomfrey can slam a door as well as any 5 year old. In this chapter, we see Madam Pomfrey’s usual exasperation while attempting to care for her patients. Is Madame Pomfrey a one-note character? Is it a problem? You can hear our discussion of the topic over on our Patreon! Let us know what you think in the comments below, and listen to our next recap episode for some answers!