Episode 233: PoA 21 Revisit – Somewhere in Time

Snape’s vindictiveness reaches an all-time high as he tries to convince the Minister for Magic that Sirius Black is, indeed, a murderer. But Harry and Hermione know the truth, and so does Dumbledore. Three turns does it to send them back in time to make right what could have gone horribly wrong. Join hosts Beth, Eric, Katy and guest host Josh, as they try to understand the mechanics of “Hermione’s Secret,” chapter 21 of Prisoner of Azkaban.

Episode 225: PoA 10 Revisit – They Don’t Make Them Like This at Hogwarts

Broken broomsticks, Maps, parchment, secret passages, and secrets abound as Harry leaves the safety of Hogwarts Castle behind for an afternoon in Hogsmeade. Join hosts Kat, Kristen, and Alison, with MuggleNet staffer Katy as they “solemnly swear” they they are up to no good and descend down the one-eyed witch’s hump in chapter 10 of Prisoner of Azkaban, “The Marauder’s Map.”