Episode 243: HBP 22 Revisit – Felix: The Master Manipulator

Hallows or Horcruxes? Draco or Slughorn? Harry has to make a choice. Thanks to a brilliant idea from Ron, he makes the right one and, with a little luck, is able to acquire the memory that is so pivotal to his quest to defeat Voldemort. Join hosts Katy and Rosie, along with guest host Claudia to find out just how lucky he gets, as they discuss Chapter 22 of Half-Blood Prince, “After the Burial.”

Episode 136: HBP 18 – Woman Up!

Love. Disgust. Deliberation. Cross-dressing. Those are just a few of the topics that are discussed on this week’s analysis of Chapter 18 of Half-Blood Prince, “Birthday Surprises.” Join Kat, Eric, Michael, along with Aussie fan host Em as they discuss the ever present Snape, and exactly how hard it truly is to learn to disappear at will.

Episode 135: HBP 17 – Semi-Squib

Christmas is over, and it’s time to dive back into Dumbledore’s mysterious memories (even if certain people are a little hungover). Join hosts Kat and Alison, along with specially returning host Noah and guest Christina as they discuss chapter 17 of Half-Blood Prince, “A Sluggish Memory.”