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    Episode 267: COS 1 – Tennis Ball Eyes

    Harry's second year is not off to a good start. He hasn't received any letters from his friends. The Dursleys are managing to treat him as both a threat and a non-entity at the same time, and Harry has to spend his birthday doing chores and pretending he doesn't exist. Join hosts Alison, Beth, and Katy, along with special guest Eric Scull, as they continue our seven-part anniversary discussion with Chapter 1 of Chamber of Secrets, "The Worst Birthday."

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    Episode 266: PS/SS 1 Revisit – Series of Half Truths

    April 18th is Alohomora's 7th anniversary - our most magical anniversary yet! So this episode will start off our seven-part series celebrating the staying power of Harry Potter, this podcast, and our listeners! The next seven episodes will be revisiting the first chapter of each of the seven novels along with some special guests. But to kick things off, we're starting with a host-only show. Join Beth, Kat, Katy, and Michael as they discuss the chapter where it all began, "The Boy Who Lived," chapter 1 of Philosopher's / Sorcerer's Stone.

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    Episode 262: Folklore & Mythology – A Whole New World

    We're diving deep into what makes the wizarding world the wizarding world with a close look at folklore and mythology. From Greek tales to classic English creatures, hand knitted jumpers to feast foods, there's so much that makes up the world we fell in love with. Join Michael, Rosie, and Alison, along with guest DisKid as they explore how a universe is created.