Question of the Week

Podcast Question Of The Week – Episode 87

This week we meet the most major Ravenclaw of the series, so our question asks you to take a critical look at the way the Hogwarts Houses are portrayed by Rowling throughout the books.

The series focuses on Gryffindor, but we have gotten a lot of information about all of the Houses outside of the books, such as on Pottermore and from interviews with Rowling. For example, Rowling tells us that many Slytherins are good, but yet, she doesn’t show us many good Slytherins in the books. Does Rowling show well-rounded views of each House in the books, or do the characters we see exhibit more stereotypical House qualities? And as one of the only major Ravenclaws in the series, is Luna’s lovable eccentric qualities an accurate representation of her House, or does she give readers a limited view of Ravenclaws?  

Leave us your response below & we just might read them on the next episode of Alohomora!