Podcast Question of the Week: Episode 233

Madam Pomfrey can slam a door as well as any 5 year old.

In this chapter, we see Madam Pomfrey’s usual exasperation while attempting to care for her patients. Is Madame Pomfrey a one-note character? Is it a problem?

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  • Yes and no

  • frumpybutsupersmart

    I think Madam Pomfrey is wonderful for what she is: a minor character. I love that she cares about her patients more than anything, and that she’s not afraid to bark back at Dumbledore when she thinks he’s doing something against their best interests. I also love that she is loyal the school and the staff, so much so that she almost resigns in protest over Umbridge attacking McGonagall. There’s not much more to her than that, but there doesn’t really need to be – even in a world as complex and fleshed-out as JK’s, not everyone is going to have an in-depth backstory, and nor should they. It would just detract from the storyline, and anyway, the minor characters are more fun to invent backstories for 🙂

    • HowAmIGoingToTranslateThis

      absolutely, from what we don’t know about Poppy there’s enough for an entire series of books.

      We see her often enough because Harry tends to end up in the hospital wing, and when he’s there he is not focusing on her as a person, but on getting out of bed or getting well again or listening to some interesing backstory about someone else than Madam Pomfrey.
      Personally I find magical healing very interesting and I’m sure Professor Sprout does like to hang out with Poppy and discuss new medicines and treatments.

      Someone with more knowledge about the British literature traditions can tell us more about the character trope that Madam Pomfrey fills, I’m sure nurses like her appear in a lot of books in the last 150 years.