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Podcast Question of the Week – Episode 20

Episode 20 is on its way – the very first covering Book 3! Here is the question of the week:

Early on in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, we find out that the Weasley family has won a wonderful prize of 700 galleons through a Daily Prophet drawing. We also learn that they spend most of this grand fortune on a trip to Egypt. So we started to wonder, why would so much money be needed, given the way Wizard-kind is able to travel, seemingly so cheaply?

Our question is this – what are the expenses of Wizarding travel? Could a lot of this money actually go to traveling from the UK to Egypt? And as the magical community travels about the world, what sort of international guidelines might they have to follow when traveling into other countries?

Some responses to this question will be read on the next episode of Alohomora!

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