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Podcast Question of the Week – Episode 17

Episode 17 is coming right up! With Noah off for this week’s episode, I’ve taken over our Question of the Week!

In these two chapters, Harry and Ron talk to Myrtle about how she died, to hopefully get more information on the basilisk. In this story from Myrtle, we find a bit more out about why she came back as a ghost. Myrtle recalls floating away after she died, then returning, determined to haunt Olive Hornby for teasing her. On the episode, we discussed how this somewhat differs from what Rowling has often discussed about why some witches and wizards become ghosts, on how they are afraid or unwilling to accept death.

Our question for all you listeners out there is this – does the description of Myrtle’s returning as a ghost, instead of passing on, go against Rowling’s explanation for why most other witches and wizards become ghosts (an unwillingness or fear of moving on)? Is this a rare exception, or is this perhaps something very common with younger witches and wizards who die unexpectedly? Or does Myrtle’s story fit with Rowling’s explanation after all?

Some responses to this question will be read on the next episode of Alohomora!

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