Question of the Week

Podcast Question of the Week – Episode 156

Step aside, Voldemort. Molly Weasley’s got some business of her own with Harry and company.

We as readers are positioned to support Harry in most of his feelings and choices. In this instance, via Harry, we are initially pitted against Mrs. Weasley. But as the chapter continues, Harry begins to see the moral grayness in Molly’s attempts to glean information from him and keep him separated from Ron and Hermione. As we discussed, while Molly is holding up her responsibility as a mother, she cannot possibly be as ignorant as she appears about Harry and Voldemort’s conflict. Yet this is not the first time in the series Molly has been overbearing toward the trio. What were your initial feelings toward Molly in this chapter? Is her behavior completely justifiable, or only to a point?

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