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Podcast Question of the Week – Episode 4

Here it is, my question of the week from soon-to-be-released episode four of MuggleNet’s new podcast Alohomora!

In the latest chapter of our re-read “Halloween” Harry, Ron and Hermione took out a full grown mountain troll in the girl’s bathroom. Now, each had to show a remarkable bit of bravery to achieve this feat, but it would seem in the Harry Potter series there are many different kinds of bravery. Consider Lily and James Potter for a moment – one runs in quite rashly to try and fend of an all powerful Lord Voldemort to protect his family, the other steps in front of a killing curse with full knowledge of its effect and even though she doesn’t have to.

If we just look at the Gryffindor trio, we see again these contrary examples of courage: reckless bravery and thoughtful sacrifice. Is Jo making a comment about bravery in this series – what is true bravery – and do we rate one kind as higher than the other when, in the Potter’s case, only one of those acts contributed to Harry’s later Love-protection?

If you have an answer to this question, feel free to comment directly below. Some answers will be read aloud and discussed on episode five of Alohomora!

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