Our Post-Deathly Hallows Plans!

It’s been a wonderful four years on Alohomora!, but it’s time to look forward to the future. We are almost done with our analysis of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – so, what’s next?

  • Voldemort’s Lost Nose

    You guys are just amazing. That’s all I have to say!

    • Kat

      Listeners like you make us so! 🙂

  • SocksAreImportant

    Omg I am dying. Your thank you page for and Albus’s door. lol

    • Kat

      We couldn’t do the show without it 😀

  • lifeanddragons

    Ooooo, this is excitingggg. So glad this discussion is going to continue! Also it’s so nice to put a face to all the voices I’ve been hearing these past 2 years!

  • Griff

    Such a great video! I look forward to listening to Alohomora as long as you guys put out content 🙂

  • HowAmIGoingToTranslateThis

    I’m so looking forward to this, I’m almost forgetting that the reread will be over for the new format to start. So I’m excited but also bittersweet and all in all glad to be around to experience these times!

    • Perfect way to describe the feeling!

  • FlobberwormFangirl

    I’m so excited about this and I’m beyond happy that you’ll keep doing Alohomora! Also it feels so weird to see your faces, I’ve been listening to your voices for several years without actually knowing what you looked like. Thank you so much for the amazing podcast <3

  • badonkaTonks

    Awesome, thought I was super late to the party, only been listening for about a month now, been feverishly trying to catch up so I can join the discussions as they happen!!

    • Kat

      Your username is ON POINT – so welcome, you fit right in 😀

      • badonkaTonks

        Thanks this is my first time joining any potter discusion online or in real life. I can’t wait!

  • ThatTimeRemusWaddiwasiedVoldy

    Hurrah! This is a brilliant way to keep the show going, I’m excited for the post Hallows format, as well as getting to go through all the companion books together. Thanks for doing all you do Alohomora! hosts, and continuing to do so. I look forward to every new episode to get my HP fix, and have thoroughly enjoyed the journey so far, so it is nice to know it isn’t over yet.

    • We’re glad you like it, and thanks for sticking with us!

  • thequeerweasleycousin

    Yeah, that’s cool, I like it! That’s really great, and so are you! Thanks 🙂

  • SocksAreImportant

    Will you guys still have guests come on for episodes?

    • Yes! We’re keeping that aspect of the show.

  • DisKid

    I have a comment! I love that kitty in the background 🙂

    • Kat

      My kitty? That’s Narcissa 🙂

      • DisKid

        Yep! Your kitty. She stole your scene 😉

        • Kat

          I tried to hold her but she was being camera shy, and ran away. Like her namesake, she prefers to pull strings from behind the scenes 😀

          • Soc.forRescueofVanishedAnimals

            Aw, Narcissa is a perfect feline name! She has beautiful markings.

  • LuckyEaglet

    Yay! The show must go on!!! Glad to hear about your upcoming plans…I love it! I’ll echo some of the previous comments and say, I’ll continue to listen as long as you guys want to make the show and yes, it’s a little odd seeing your faces while hearing you. You’re a good looking crew!!

    • Alison

      We’re so glad we can keep it going, and really, as we’ve said, it’s because of listeners like you (thank you!) (and now I sound like those old PBS bits before shows)

  • THING.
    Who knew this without being a patreon? I’m still worried I spoiled someone by somehow leaping through the patreon hula-hoop.

    • Well, I was. But Noah in his paper hat and zoomy camera work… :0

      • Kat

        haha, I edited the video and did the zoomy thing, but it was fully and completely inspired by Noah 😀

  • Soc.forRescueofVanishedAnimals

    Thank you all for sticking with the show! This podcast and the amazing community you’ve formed are really something special. I can’t wait to talk about Beedle the Bard, and the topical discussions are a great idea.

  • NoNeedToCallMeSirProfessor

    I found out about you guys at the end of HBP and have been listening to each new episode as it comes out, but I also went back and started listening from the beginning, so I’m halfway through GoF with you guys too! I commute to college and work a full time job so I’m always (literally) playing episodes in the car during my two hour commutes, waking around on campus, and while I clean kennels at the humane society where I work! Basically what I’m trying to say is that Alohomora! has become such a part of my daily life (my favorite part!) that I’m beyond excited for it to continue! Thank all of you so much for sticking with this, and I’m with everyone else when I say that as long as you guys keep podcasting, we’ll keep listening.

  • Lisa

    Hey everyone. Is anything wrong with the alohomora.mugglenet.com site? I couldn’t access it yesterday and it doesn’t seem to be working today either. Anyone else experiencing problems with it?

    • SnapesManyButtons

      It’s back! The site was down all weekend. I was able to listen to the podcast on the App, but had nowhere to post about it! I think we need to follow each other on Disqus because there wasn’t a way to contact each other about what was going on since we usually on connect on the site.

      • ISeeThestrals

        The only way I found to contact someone about the problem was e-mailing the hosts. That’s how I learned of the issue 🙂
        Great idea

    • Alison

      Yep, we were down all weekend due to some technical difficulties, but it’s working now, so we’ll get our normal posts up and running!

      • Lisa

        Yay so glad it’s back 🙂

  • CrochetWitch78

    Love it!! Can’t wait!

  • Mypatronusisadoberman

    Yay!!! Can’t wait!

  • HowAmIGoingToTranslateThis

    I love that we can suggest topics, and I’m sure you will pick interesting and engaging questions and themes. Right now I’ve got a head full of ideas and I don’t want to send them all in, because that would increase your workload unneccessarily. But I’ll start a new topic on the forums in the Great Hall for everyone who wants to discuss their ideas for topics before sending them in.

    • ISeeThestrals

      I bet I know one popular topic that’s bound to come up – Snape

  • FeatherLeviosa

    Caleb I just can’t put your voice and face together in videos, but I love the show and I am super excited to get to continue to listen to you and everyone else going forward!! This was the first podcast I ever listened to when I started my first ‘adult’ job over 2.5 years ago and you’re still my favorite. Can’t wait to see what the future holds…

  • PuffNProud

    Totally excited about the extension of Alohomora! Great news and looking forward to the new format!

  • Thank You guys for your dedication! I have been a huge fan for years and cannot wait to see what the future of the show brings!

  • Alnwickist

    Thank you for all you have given of yourselves over these years. I’ve loved these podcasts. (and how strange to put faces to such familiar voices watching this!). Lots of love, xAlnwickist

  • dementorsfrenchkiss

    It’s so great that the show continues! 🙂 Been listening for a while but haven’t commented. Anyway, keep up the good work!! :—)

  • This sounds fabulous. I’m excited. I really want to be on the show.

    Well, I really wanted to be on the show, but I blew up my computer. For a long time I had no technology except my phone. So I was irritated (in a way) when I couldn’t get on the show for The Princes Tale. Snape lover here.

    Now I have an iPad. Could I record on that? What’s the best voice recorder?

    • Kat

      If your iPad has a recording program, and you have a device other than the internal microphone that plugs into it, then sure!

  • Lord_Trolldemort

    This news made my day. Seriously. I love you guys and I’m going to be listening to your show forever. 😀 I would love to suggest a Tom RIddle centric episode because I am a fangirling piece of trash. I would love to be on again to discuss him with all of you, and I know I’ve sent in another try out for it, but I’m not certain if I made it on ‘the list’ or not.

  • This is an amazing idea! I can’t wait!

  • I’m extremely excited for this! Now more in depth discussions on specifics. Very excited. 😀

  • WeensiethePotterhead

    I am so excited to hear that you are continuing the show! I’ve only been listening a few months so far and love it! I discovered you guys after some significant losses and changes in my life and it is so comforting to listen to all the Harry Potter discussion! Love you guys!

    • Kat

      So happy to hear that you found us! Thanks for listening.

  • Shawnta’l Slaybaugh-McKinney

    Oh my I’m so excited to continue listening to y’all!!! seriously I had tears in my eyes at the beginning saying “no they can’t quit!!”, then I realized the video was five minutes long! I love every one of you!!! when I started listening it was in the first book and I had to go back to the beginning and have kept up with it since!!!! thank you all for doing this!!!

  • cristiline

    I just started listening to Alohomora a couple of weeks ago, so I’m so excited to hear that you’ll be continuing!

    • Kat

      Thank you for listening!!

  • Phoenix

    I’m so glad the show is going to continue! My Sunday mornings would be so much more boring without you! I am looking forward to the new era! I know you, so I have no doubt it’s going to be good. 🙂

    I do wonder, though, how much the new show is going to resemble Mugglenet Academia. After all, they also discuss cross-cutting issues like social and political concepts (education, justice, feminism, slavery), in-series topics (Sorting, Quidditch) or literary comparison. I wonder if you could let us know how your idea is different from theirs?

    • Kat

      It’s very different. Academia examines the novels from a scholarly viewpoint, with professors and experts in the field. We will be looking at specific topics from the series and from fandom, using contextual evidence, personal experience, and a healthy dose of humor. Our version will be significantly less structured, more analytical, and conceptual. Very different shows 🙂

      • Phoenix

        That sounds great! Thank you for the explanation!

  • NeverTickleASleepingRavenclaw

    I am super excited about the topic-based episodes. There have been so many times when reading that you guys will start a discussion that is just amazing, then have to move on due to time limitations. So often, I find myself continuing those discussions throughout the week with my students (I teach middle school and we read Sorcerer’s Stone together- many of my students are now Alohomara! fans). Really looking forward to this!

    • Kat

      That’s AWESOME! Kudos to you for bringing Potter (and our podcast!) to the next generation. Thanks for spreading the love 🙂

  • Rosmerta

    How often will you be posting? I’m still on an antiqued android phone, so have to download manually and it’d be useful to know! Thanks.
    I’ve been so impressed with the quality of Alohomora, eloquent discussions by hosts, great listener questions. What about having a vote on the favourite podcast? I’ve come to the party very late, but of the last 5 or so I’ve listened to, Kings Cross was my favourite. I do hope that JRK has listened in occasionally, its not like she’s busy or anything..!

    • Kat

      So glad to have you with us, Rosmerta (don’t let Ron’s crush dissuade you from joining in on the regular…)! Once we finish with Quidditch Through the Ages, the episodes will be released on a bi-weekly basis, or every other week. They will continue to release on Saturdays. Hope that helps. Thanks for listening!

  • UnicornSnot

    Thank you for keeping it going, I was getting antsy thinking about the end of my entertainment for the drive to and from work!! Thank you for what you do

  • HowAmIGoingToTranslateThis

    Are we supposed to read the entire book for Saturday or just part of it? With three episodes for Beedle, are you going to talk about the introduction and the first tale, and then two tales for each show? What about “Quidditch”?

    • Kat

      The Beedle episodes will be split 2/2/1. Quidditch will be split right down the middle 🙂

  • Bill White

    how long will these episodes be?

    • Kat

      Around the same length as past episodes 🙂

  • WittyGinny

    Clearly behind, but I’m so excited for the new format!