Episode 230: Sirius Black – He Gives the Best Gifts

It’s time to discuss Potter’s favorite “bad boy,” Sirius Black. Join hosts Eric, Kat, Katy, and guest host Jaye as they examine the brightest star in the sky and why he burned out too soon.

On Episode 230 we discuss…

→ Not Snape 2.0
→ Get your learning on – Padfoot and the Pup
→ Does Jo hate Sirius?
→ Who’s the leader of the pack?
→ Loyal AF
→ Day to day dog transformations
→ Is Harry his mate or his godson?
→ Sirius gives the best gifts
→ Killed by a curtain
→ Scorpio poster child
→ He seriously needed a good therapist
→ A 36er in the 27 club

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On this recap we discuss…

→ Diffindo cuts all the things
→ Overacheiving O.W.L.s
→ Nonverbal spells
→ Quidditch pitch protection please?
→ Hypocrite Hermione

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