Episode 218: SS/PS Movie Watch – Male Breakout Star (LIVE)

We went back in time and finally watched the first Harry Potter film! Hosts Michael, Kat, Alison, and Kristen take listener calls as they discuss Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone!

On Episode 218 we discuss…

→ Host views on the film
→ History of the film
→ We talk awards, production, & premiere
→ How the actors became a part of the film
→ Deleted scenes
→ We talk to fans about specific movie moments
→ Our Final Thoughts on the film
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  • travellinginabluebox

    That questions regarding the deleted line in PS/SS is already on the
    list because you guys already talked about it way back at the beginning
    of the podcast… so 5 years laters we still don’t know 😉

    • ThatTimeRemusWaddiwasiedVoldy

      I added it to the list during the live show, as it came up during the few minutes I was able to actually hang around. But indeed, I’ve researched it a bit, and there still appears to be no further information about it.

  • MyNameIsElvendork

    I’m having a rough day, and knowing that I can listen to this makes my day much brighter. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face.

  • HowAmIGoingToTranslateThis

    your new concept of alternating topics and chapters is awesome! revisiting some of the discussions with new information will be fun and exciting, and I’m looking forward to a show where we’re allowed to talk about each and every one of the movies.
    as far as I remember I didn’t see PS in the theatres, and the first time watching it that I do remember is because my younger sister was watching with us and she was scared – at age six. I hope that’s not why she never finished reading the series to this day.
    Also, while watching PS on Saturday I truly felt that I want a book as large as the one about Flamel, not only to slam it on the table and make people jump. Then I realized that the illustrated edition of OotP will be nearly that large.

    • DoraNympha

      I agree, I like the new plan too. I was fortunate enough to see PS (we went with my class as a school treat haha) but I never made it to any midnight screening. My town had no midnight screeings before HBP and then life got in the way so I couldn’t go until DH part 2, which would have been premiering on my birthday at midnight BUT as a kind of punishment for Hungary’s habit of downloading films illegally, they cancelled all midnight screenings and pushed the date back 2 days. I would say that was the disappointing part but then I saw the movie… Other than that, I like the movies and I’m more lenient towards the changes apart from a few jarringly idiotic decisions but now I’m thinking maybe that’s because I had a good experience with the films early on or because I saw the first movie first and then started reading the books? I kind of think film adaptations are just really elaborate and costly illustrations rather than their own way to tell the story.

      • Slughorn’s Trophy Wife

        I was wondering where you were from! You have a beautiful accent 🙂

        I would agree that having a good experience with the films early on helps some of us forgive grievances in the later ones. I made the mistake of rereading GOF *right* before the movie came out and I was completely picking it apart in the theater because the novel was so fresh in my mind. I never made that mistake again as I wanted to enjoy the films for what they were. The only casting choice I remember not meshing with what was in my head was Luna. Somehow in reading OOTP I missed that she was blonde. I thought she was a brunette so she was a bit of a shock to me at first, but now I can’t imagine anyone else playing that part 🙂

        • DoraNympha

          Thanks ^^ – I was having one of those days where I couldn’t decide whether to speak American or British (I usually go for the latter so I was muddled and just surprised I got through lol).
          Luna’s ultra-blondness shocked me too – she’s supposed to have a darker shade, like Phoebe Buffay on Season 1 of Friends but that was hardly a complaint because she is supposed to stand out and look odd – I know there are some theories that bring her and Draco into connection because of the hair but it’s just movie canon so it’s not a thing. But I think because of the long wait I did the exact same thing and reread GoF just because I was about to see the movie! Yeah, shouldn’t have done that.

    • EndTheStatuteOfSecrecy

      I really do like the Topic episodes, but there was something so magical about Chapter rereads. I have recently been listening to Podcasts at 2x and I just listened to all of the episodes on Deathly Hallows in the last week at work. There was something magical about the time of the rereads. I think the new balance of chapters and topics will bring some of the nostalgia back.

  • Minerva the Flufflepuff

    Chapter revisits! I’m so excited! Are you going to let us know in advance which chapter you’ll be discussing?
    I only watched the first three films, and I think that was after reading the books. Either way, I’m faceblind, so I never get influenced by the faces of characters in adaptations, because I simply can’t remember them… I’m also not hugely into films, so I don’t feel like I’ve missed out by not watching most of the Potter series. Still enjoyed this podcast though.

  • Rosmerta

    Love the idea of alternating chapter rereads with topics – is there a way to link the two as well. For example, if The Journey chapter 6 from Philosopher’s​ was discussed, could the topic be Kings Cross/Hogwarts to talk about what happened throughout the books and what impact those scenes made on the story (if any) and perhaps where the station/train could be considered as a character. Just an example!
    .. goes back to reread book one….

  • andrewilley

    There seem to be two versions of this episode – is the earlier one just a direct live copy of the stream and this later one a tidied up version? Could save myself two-and-a-half hours here… 🙂

  • Slughorn’s Trophy Wife

    Oh no! I just realized that the audio cut out during my call in and it sounded like I said, “This is totally one of my favorite Harry Potter podcasts…not my #1.” What I actually said was, “This is totally one of my favorite Harry Potter podcasts IF NOT my #1!” LOL 😀 And I only say that because I love all of the Mugglenet related podcasts so much that I simply can’t choose a favorite. Just wanted to make sure ya’ll knew what I meant and weren’t insulted! lol

    I’m thrilled that you’ll be doing re-re-read episodes along with the topic episodes! I still have to listen to the HBP episodes as I reread the book but I’m caught up on all the others. It will be so interesting to revisit Potter as we gain even more knowledge from Fantastic Beasts, JKR’s twitter/website and Pottermore (if they can get their story straight!). Haven’t some of the questions posited on past Alohomora episodes now been answered? Perhaps it would be fun to do an episode on “What we know now that we didn’t know then.”

    Thanks again for the live movie watch! I had missed all but the last one so I was THRILLED to be able to participate in another – especially since PS/SS will always be my favorite HP film. It was, as Alison would say: magical 🙂

    (BTW, do ya’ll keep copies of the text chats that take place during the movie watches? I’m sure I’d enjoy reading the ones I missed out on.)

  • Pigmypuff

    When did Kat interview Dan?

  • If the Lord of the Rings podcast ever happens I will be following it!