Episode 217: Lupin is James, and Other Such Fun Oldskool Theories

Break out the Time Turners, because Alohomora’s going back! Back to the days where canon was open and anything was possible! Where detailed fan theories remained as-yet unproven and not disproved. How do these old school theories hold up today, how did they inspire us Then, and where did it all net out? This episode is a special look back at the boundless ingenuity of inspired minds of Harry Potter fans.

On Episode 217 we discuss…

→ What could have been, and what still could be? The potency of theories that still remain plausible
→ The book that started it all, for some of us…
→ How Harry Potter’s mystery genre enables many different outcomes as possibility
→ Neville’s memory, Peter’s hand, and Harry’s Gryffindor ancestry
→ Snape, the Overgrown Bat-shaped Man
→ is James Potter trapped inside Remus Lupin’s body? (Yes, and here’s why)
→ Ron Weasley is Dumbledore, Mark Evans is relevant and Dumbledore IS. NOT. DEAD.
→ False book titles, dropped plot threads like that dreaded red-headed Weasley Cousin and other such things that might have been!

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On this recap we discuss…

→ The inherent danger in all classes, not just Hagrid’s
→ Difficulty of Muggle Studies
→ Cultural influences on schools of magic worldwide
→ Medieval tactics
→ Teachers’ continued areas of study

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