Episode 190: DH2 Movie Watch: Wizarding War Movie

For our very last movie watch of the global re-read, we decided to pull out all the stops! Hosts Michael, Kat, Rosie, Alison, Kristen, and Eric take listener calls as they discuss Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part Two! Special guest John Richardson, Special Effects Supervisor for the ENTIRE Harry Potter series, joins us halfway through and takes your calls LIVE on the air.

It’s a very bittersweet moment for us as we realize, that this is our last ‘last’. Grab your box of tissues and join us as we say our final farewell to Deathly Hallows, and Alohomora! as we knew it…

On Episode 190 we discuss…

→ The end of the Re-Read
→ Host views on Deathly Hallows Part Two
→ History of the film
→ Facts, Figures, & Awards
→ Actors – New and Old
→ Movie Quirks and Changes
→ We are joined by John Richardson, answering your questions
→ We talk to fans about specific movie moments
→ Our Final Thoughts on the series and the Re-Read experience
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  • buckbeak is my spirit animal

    When will the first new episode come out? You guys should alternate with SpeakBeasty so we have new podcasts every week. =D

    • Please, yes. That’d be brilliant!

    • roxyblack

      That’s our plan! We’re still weekly for a little longer, until we’ve finished the Hogwarts Library collection, then we’ll move to every other week alternating with SpeakBeasty.

  • I notice you’ve changed your ‘currently reading’. 🙂

  • ThatTimeRemusWaddiwasiedVoldy

    Anybody know how much of Beedle we are reading for the next episode?

    • HowAmIGoingToTranslateThis

      I’ll read the first half, that will be too far, but it’s been some time since I’ve read the book.

      • SnapesManyButtons

        I thought the three episodes were one for each book so I read the whole thing. I guess we’ll find out when they post the podcast.

    • Slughorn’s Trophy Wife

      Good question. They’re devoting 3 episodes to it, but there are 5 stories, so not exactly an even number. It would be great to know which stories will be featured in each episode 🙂 Also, if any of you haven’t seen the live performances of The Fountain of Fair Fortune and The Tale of the Three Brothers from Universal Orlando, you should check them out on YouTube. They do a magnificent job!

  • Silverdoe25

    I always have to miss the movie watch! Oh well… I was listening to the after discussion podcast and had 2 thoughts to throw in about DH part 2. First, the Voldy baby. Did anyone else think they said, “How are we representing this?” “Oh, dig out that thing we dumped in the cauldron in Movie 4.” The thing that bothered me most about Voldemort confetti and no dead body was that it harkened back to how he disappeared at Godric’s Hollow. Voldemort was gone, and some speculated he had been destroyed or killed, but he wasn’t. The wizarding world needed to see a dead body to be convinced. Now that the book series is done, looking forward to what reforms from the Alohomora-confetti!

    • Slughorn’s Trophy Wife

      Voldefetti bothers me for that reason as well. And BOTH movies missed the mark on showing his body after he died. During the Kings Cross convo between Harry and Dumbledore in the DH book, DD mentions the body Voldemort left behind the night he tried to kill baby Harry – so he left two bodies behind and the movies showed neither. I’m really curious to know what happened to both of those bodies. Were they buried? Burned? I’m hoping for cremation and secret disposal ala Hitler so that no shrine for Neo-Death Eaters could exist: http://mentalfloss.com/article/28058/whatever-happened-hitlers-body

  • ISeeThestrals