Deathly Hallows,  Podcast

Episode 151: DH 1 – Pettigrew On My Mind

Deathly Hallows is upon us! We are having a hard time believing that we are reading the final novel in the Harry Potter series, which will end up being a very bittersweet experience. Step into Chapter 1, “The Dark Lord Ascending” with hosts Eric, Kat, Caleb, and guest host Margie (Socks and Slugs), the first stop on our final journey…

On Episode 151 we discuss…

→ First chapter of Deathly Hallows – how bittersweet
→ Synopsis, Dedication, & Epigraphs
→ Why does it always start with Snape?
→ The grandiose Malfoy Manor
→ How do the Death Eaters feel about Lord Voldemort’s mission?
→ Is Peter Pettigrew a sympathetic character?
→ Why Charity Burbage?
→ Question of the Week
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