Episode 118 – OotP Movie Watch: Running, Running, Running! (LIVE)

After nine months, thirty eight chapters, and lots of emotion, we finally reached our global movie watch of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! Hosts Kat, Michael, Rosie, and Alison are joined by you, the listeners, in our live call in show! Join us as we say goodbye to Order of the Phoenix (with mixed emotions).

On Episode 118 we discuss…

→ Filming facts and figures
→ Always a nominee, never a winner
→ The Great Yates Hate Debate
→ An abundance of script shoehorning
→ Even the soundtrack runs
→ So much love for new cast editions
→ Plot holes, underused characters, confusion, oh my!
→ #Danael, #Meowissacs, and more ship names
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  • #Danael!!!! *SHIPS IT*

    Butreallythough. My ship name made it to the synopsis of the episode!


  • Bill White

    A lot of doubling in the audio

    • Kat

      Hello Bill – would you be able to give us a timestamp of the doubling? Since it was a live show it will never be perfect, but we would be happy to fix it if there was an issue!

      • Bill White

        Timestamp about 1:04-1:07 and it’s not doubling but more like echo and it’s everybody but rosie at least from what I can tell.
        I love what you guys do but I was curious where the transcipts,bloopers,alt endings are in the app because I have owned it both on windows phone and android with only extra features occasionally

        • ISeeThestrals

          I hear the echo too! Thought it was an audio issue on my end or something

          • Silverdoe25

            The echo was really bad at one point. I thought that maybe someone didn’t have a call line muted, because it abruptly stopped when a call was taken.

  • Olivia Underwood

    I don’t know if this was ad-libbed, but I have to thank OotP for this line (the best one in the movie?):

    “Well, you might not like him Minister, but you can’t deny……. Dumbledore’s got STYLE……”

    Again, I hate how there is zero interaction between Tonks and Lupin in this movie, but it was a subplot in the books so I can’t blame them (screenwriter, editor, director) for concentrating on other things. These are the times when you wish, as a crazy fan, that there had been a Peter Jackson-type Harry Potter fanboy/girl director around who would have made four-hour long Potter movies, released all the behind the scenes stuff on youtube, released all the films with commentary and a director’s cut (this is what really pisses me off about WB and their policies) and built all the sets, including a real scale size Hogwarts, permanently in Scotland and turned them all into hotels.

    I actually think the reason behind Yates and co. having creative freedom with such a mainstream film is that because PoA and GoB in general worked for the public (in terms of box office I mean) WB knew that people would come see it anyway, regardless of whether they knew their director or not (most people/children didn’t know who Cuaron was). In recent years, post Christopher Nolan, people in general, and I don’t mean film buffs because they’ve always cared, have started to notice the importance, and moreover the influence that directors have on films far more than before. People actually take note of who’s directing and often won’t go to see it if they don’t like the director, even if they like the story or the actors. Which explains why they’ve kept Yates for Fantastic Beasts I think and not stuck with their director gambling technique which the Potter films adopted.

    • Michael Harle

      Really liked your point about the directors and the improvement (for the most part) of the special effects (although I still believe the effects in “Prisoner” are more timeless and fit the tone of Potter a bit better).

      Just wanted to add, too, that the “Dumbledore’s got style” line is not ad-libbed, as awesome as that would’ve been. It’s in the book, but it comes from Phineas Nigellus’ portrait, rather than from Kingsley. But it works coming from him, doesn’t it? ^_^

  • Snatch The Snitch

    A few questions/comments.
    1. Just beacuse Gambon is a great actor doesn’t mean he gets a pass. Yes, he has an illustrious career but he’s absolutley terrible as Dumbledore IMO.
    2. What the hell is with all these wizards flying around in smoke form dueling? Is it supposed to be apparating? If so it’s annoying. At first I thought I was watching Lost.
    3. I think a good way to tell if an actor excels at their role in this series, is if they are who you picture when you now read the books. Rickman, Maggie Smith, Oldman and Julie Walters are always Snape, McGonagall, Sirius and Molly for me now. None of the other actors are who I picture when I read though.
    4. Pirates 4 > All Potter films
    5. Rosie for President

    • ISeeThestrals

      1. I agree. I’m a fan of the original Dumbledore. Gambon doesn’t do it for me. He always seemed too serious and less grandfather like.
      2. Lol. I didn’t mind that after a while
      3. When it comes to casting and fans, everyone has their own idea of who a character looks like. It’s impossible to please everyone here
      4. I don’t mind the Potter films

      • Snatch The Snitch

        About the casting I only meant those actors fit the parts for me. I think Gambon looks how I imagined Dumbledore would appear, but he’s not who I picture while reading. So it’s not necessarily the appearance if that makes sense? The only actor I think is completely different from the book description is Slughorn.

        • Olivia Underwood

          The problem with Gambon is that he was inconsistent, because while in GoB he was awful, I have to say he did his final scene, Kings Cross station, extremely well. He’s the reason I ended up crying like a baby during that scene and he does it all on a white stage with next to no props and no soundtrack music to back him. If that isn’t quality acting I don’t know what is.

          I think the blame partly lies on the fact that he had different directors guiding him, who all had different visions of Dumbledore. As he didn’t read the books, he relied on them completely. He’s an actor, not a screenwriter, so it’s the director etc. job to make sure that the portrayal fits the book version. If he was over doing it, (Harry did you put your name in the goblet of FFAAAREEEE!!!!), ahem, then the director, in this case Newell, should have changed it. The time turner scene with Hermione, the glint in his eye, was definitely spot on, which shows that Alfonso clearly understood Dumbledore’s fun, light side. So don’t lay it all on Gambon, he was just doing his job. I mean, David Thewlis and Alfonso thought Lupin was gay for god’s sake, hence the huge change in the portrayal of Lupin between PoA and HBP. I think someone mentioned in the movie podcast how the cast and crew didn’t know what was going to happen (until 2007 that is) so it made it hard for them to have the characters accurately portrayed. 😛

          • Silverdoe25

            Gambon did improve in HBP and DH. Ironically, I thought he played the Dumbledore I would have liked to have seen him play in The Good Shepherd.

          • Snatch The Snitch

            Fair enough, I can’t give him 100% blame

  • Oh…

    Order was always my favorite of the films…

    I’ll crawl to that corner over there now…

    • Silverdoe25

      There are certainly films in the series I dislike more. 6 & 8 for starters.

      • 5, 8, 7, 1, 3, 2, 6, 4. That is my order from best to worst. What makes you dislike film 8? 6 I can understand. What a snooze fest.

        • Silverdoe25

          I liked it right up until the final battle. Then, that ruined it for me. Voldemort chasing Harry around the castle, the magical robes, diving off the wall together. BLECH! I hate how no one was gathered around Harry and Voldemort at the end. I hate that they left out Harry’s speech. I hate how Harry never repaired his wand. I had such high hopes after Part 1, which I think is the best adaptation. And Michael, not butting in. That’s what makes it a discussion! I actually like Prisoner as a film, too. Cuaron did a terrific job of bringing out performances in the trio.

    • Michael Harle

      Not to butt in, but don’t feel bad! Lots of people rag on me for *loving* “Half-Blood Prince” and “Prisoner of Azkaban.” And, regardless of my love for them, I’m happily willing to explore their faults.

      You can just as easily twist one person’s negative criticisms to positive praise. In the end, despite the importance of analysis, it comes down just as much to personal taste.

      • Hi Michael! Thanks for the shout outs in the past few episodes! I don’t know if things would work out between us though. You dislike OoTP while I love it. Plus, I might secretly have a secret crush on Rosie, but that’s secret!

        • Michael Harle

          Well, as a librarian and student of film, I’d hate to think *one* film/book would make or break a potential relationship (if that were the case, I’d be single forever). But fair point . . . most people I know who enjoy “Order” enough to put it that high on their list usually differ too far from me in other realms of taste (although you put “Goblet” at the end of your list . . . so there’s that!).

          And I can’t blame you. Brits are attractive. I suppose I will simply have to continue my vain pursuit of Mr. Radcliffe. #Danael.

          • Michael Harle

            But really, though. LEGO and Homestar Runner? That’s some excellent taste right there.

            ;{ )

          • I’ve always been meaning to point out that I too am a student of film. I’m currently studying at Columbia College in Chicago! About to finish up too!

            Anyway, I think the love of Harry Potter would be enough in a relationship, regardless of which books come higher on a list of favorites. As long as Harry is there, what can go wrong? hahaha

          • Michael Harle

            Congratulations! There’s nothing like finishing up a film degree after all those years of watching movies of varying quality. :{P

            I would hope. But I’ve had some pretty heated conversations with many good friends about Potter. Eric and I, for example, can get each other quite worked up over “Prisoner.” So, at the very least, my future boyfriend will definitely need to concede that Cuarón is a genius.

            I ask for so little. ;{ )

          • Michael Harle

            By the way, I hope that, regardless of our ragging on it, we provided worthwhile discussion of the film. Despite all the mistakes “Order” makes (in my view), I at least think it has plenty going for it as well, and I hope those positive points were just as highlighted. ‘Cause there are definitely bright spots. Talking about “bad” Potter films is somewhat akin to talking about “bad” Pixar films . . . it’s a different, less offensive breed of “bad” than the average bad film.

            I didn’t use the word “bad” enough. So here it is one more time. “Bad.”

      • Snatch The Snitch

        I love Prisoner but HBP? Maybe because it’s my favorite book I’m biased because it was easily my least favorite movie. I was actually angry leaving the theater afterward.

  • Silverdoe25

    Sorry I couldn’t stay past the film watch this time. The chat was just getting good. If I may make a suggestion for the next movie watch? All the quoting of box office and endless award nominations takes time away from more in depth movie discussion. I wouldn’t be sad if it went away.

    • Silverdoe25

      Thank you to Rosie for bringing up Ginny’s so subtle change in demeanor on the bridge when Harry makes the Cho remark. I love that moment. The Reducto in DA with the twins flanking her afterward is great, too. Makes me see for a brief second that little sister who was playing Quidditch out in the garden.

    • Michael Harle

      Fair suggestion; as one of my favorite online critics, the Nostalgia Chick, said, “General acceptance by the masses is too often used as an excuse to discourage critical thought.”

      However, I think that the awards and box office numbers themselves actually add to further intellectual discovery about the films. The way we respond to films is just as important a reflection of their cultural value as how/when/why they are made. These elements also encourage discussion on whether or not a film is deserving of the response, which (I feel) informs a lot of our understanding and opinions about films.

      So, it does beget in-depth discussion. But I’m definitely hoping to streamline the film discussion in future, myself. I think we can definitely tighten it up; there were a lot of points we didn’t get to that I would’ve liked to have touched on.

      Of course, that’s what the site and forums are for. :{ )

      • Silverdoe25

        Good points. But honestly, even some of the “awards” created nowadays are over the top. Didn’t Order win the “Best Appearance By a Group of Teenagers Who Simultaneously Wore Sweaters” award? 😉

  • Laura Albert

    Finally listening to the movie watch and have a few thoughts:

    “Sirius Log” – sounds like he (as opposed to Dan) is the real wooden one.

    Danael – Love, love, love it! I now ship Danael too.

    LoveBottom – seriously LingOL right now. Think I would vote for Nevna, though.

    I don’t know if anyone has seen The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime but I think that’s what Kloves was doing during his “break.”