Transcript – Episode 238

[Show music begins] Michael Harle: This is Episode 238 of Alohomora! for February 3, 2018. [Show music continues] Michael: Welcome back, listeners, to another episode of Alohomora!,’s global exploration of the Harry Potter series where we open the Dumbledore on Harry Potter topics that you – the listeners – have asked us to talk […]

Transcript – Episode 237

[Show music begins] Beth Warsaw: This is Episode 237 of Alohomora! for January 20, 2018. [Show music continues] Beth: I’m Beth Warsaw. Katy Cartee-Haile: I’m Katy Cartee-Haile. Alison Siggard: And I’m Alison Siggard. Welcome, listeners, to yet another episode of Alohomora!,’s global re-reread? Re-re-reread [laughs] of the Harry Potter series. We’re excited to introduce […]