• Chapter Revisit,  Podcast

    Episode 298: OotP 38 – Lord Thingie

    HE'S BACK! And, now the whole wizarding world knows it. Harry is grieving the loss of his godfather, but thankfully he has an entire army of friends at his back to help him press on. Join hosts Alison and Rosie along with guest host Samantha as they discuss the final chapter of Order of the Phoenix, "The Second War Begins."

  • The Durmstrang Boys
    Chapter Revisit,  Podcast

    Episode 296: GoF 15 – Hogwarts Asylum

    Harry regrets telling Sirius about his scar hurting, FakeMoody teaches the class how to fend off the Imperius Curse, and the students from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang arrive in style! Join hosts Grace and Irvin along with guest host Ashley as they dive into Chapter 15 of Goblet of Fire, "Beauxbatons and Durmstrang."

  • Ron wearing a goofy smile
    Chapter Revisit,  Podcast

    Episode 294: HBP 18 – Such a Low Bar

    Ron and Hermione are fighting, Slughorn is keeping his mouth shut, the library is proving unhelpful, dreams of easy Apparition are Apparating away, Harry becomes a stalker, and Ron spends his birthday being poisoned! Join Alison, Kat, Katy, and guest host Harrison as they dissect the dramatic yet hilarious Chapter 18 of Half-Blood Prince, "Birthday Surprises."

  • Chapter Revisit,  Podcast

    Episode 290: OOTP 25 – You Go, Roger Davies!

    "Never had someone to show me a love, Love like this before" ... are not lyrics Harry will be singing anytime soon. Cho runs away from Harry, who then joins Hermione, Luna, and Rita Skeeter for a hilariously wonderful and insightful interview in the Three Broomsticks. You can join hosts Irvin, Alison, and Kat along with guest host Zoe as they break down the drama in Chapter 25 of Order of the Phoenix, "Beetle at Bay."