Bonus Episode – Lupin’s Story: Pass The Tissues

At long last, Pottermore recently gave fans a boatload of new information for the final chapters of Prisoner of Azkaban, from Time Turners to Secret Keepers. But most importantly, it gave the long awaited full backstory of a fan favorite: Remus Lupin. There was so much to talk about, we felt like it was practically a whole new chapter! So join hosts Kat, Caleb, Rosie, Laura and (Lupin’s #1 fan) Michael in this BONUS episode of Alohomora, entirely devoted to Remus’s story.

On this special episode we discuss:

→ Our immediate tears over Remus’s wand
→ Lyall’s pro tips on how to win the ladies
→ Greyback, forever the creeper
→ The Lupin-Lily Ship that never was
→ Rowling, an advocate for us all

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  • DolphinPatronus

    I think (if my dates are correct) Teddy was born sometime in April & his parents died on May 2nd

  • DolphinPatronus

    As much as I would LOVE to see a patronus quiz I highly doubt it will happen based on what was posted on Pottermore…this specifically “However, every Patronus is as unique as its creator…” I think this would make a quiz extremely difficult to develop. The number of muggle animals & magical creatures there are in the world is too numerous to make the patronus you end up with believable.

  • pys 6630

    I think Dumbledore knew very well about jinx
    on DADA teacher job.

    Still he appointed Lupin

    Though his life was miserable, It was doomed the moment he accepted the job.

    It was better to die a Hero rather than live miserable and
    cursed life.

    Same goes for Moody

    When Dumbledore knew he was going to die in a year. he gave Snape
    the job.

    In a way Dumbledore signed their Death warrants.

    so Harry would fight.

    the battle alone.

    Life and lies indeed.

    • awkwardjenny

      I’m not sure that Dumbledore could have foreseen the way in which all of the the DADA teachers I would die. He obviously didnt’ know that Quirrell had a Voldemort shaped tumor growing out of his head that would kill him, and nothing sinister even really happened to Lockhart- he jinxed himself! I can’t imagine he would hire people for the job thinking that whatever the curse was meant that they we’re all doomed to die. I’m not even sure Dumbledore would have believed in the curse in the first place!

  • Luna Lovegood

    I rely want to learn about Luna Lovegood on Pottermore to.

  • Adam Davis

    This was mentioned in the discussion of wands, but I’ve always wondered. We know that Ron’s first wand was a hand-me-down. But why? It’s made very clear in the last book and first book especially that wands are kind of meant to bond with a wizard for life, so why would Charlie EVER give up a wand? It seems that in every other mention of wands and wandlore that the a witch or wizard only parts with a wand if the wand switches allegiance through dueling or other means, so I cannot understand why Charlie would willingly pass his wand down to Ron like a pair of old jeans.

    • AllWasWell

      Great point, I never thought about that before!

      • Adam Davis

        Thanks! Does anyone know if Jo has ever explained this?

  • SRH

    Regarding Lupin’s old trunk with the peeling lettering: I think it was his old school trunk that he used when he attended Hogwarts. Why not?

    • HinkyPuff

      I think the question is because it say’s ‘Professor RJ Lupin’… so why would the word Professor be peeling? Has he had a teaching job before? etc etc 🙂

  • HinkyPuff

    I was thinking about the werewolf/HIV discussion and the possibilities of it being based on someone Jo knew.
    I was listening the other day to her Harvard Commencement speech of 2008 in which she discusses her time working for Amnesty International. She spoke of the horrors she read about and stories she was told, of how people were shunned by their societies for things out of their control etc, and I wondered if maybe she met someone, or read a story of someone, who had suffered stigma for their HIV. We know that this disease is quite prevalent in third world countries, and children are often affected as much as adults – maybe she met a parent with the disease, or read about how a child can’t mix with their peers because of having it themselves, how it alienates them for their whole lives, despite them being a good person? Just a thought.

  • AllWasWell

    Didn’t the lycanthropy section of Pottermore state that wounds from a werewolf attack would never fully heal? If that is the case, and Lupin was attacked as a child to the point of nearly dying, then my question is: why isn’t he terribly scarred and disfigured? Or even somewhat scarred? It seems strange to me that he got out of that without a scratch.

    • awkwardjenny

      Well we don’t ever see him in a bathing suit do we? Maybe the scars are on a part of his body that is easily covered. Or maybe the only wounds that section refers to are those made by teeth, perhaps if the rest of him were only wounded by wolf claws which don’t carry the same kind of bacteria they would not have a problem healing as wounds from a bite would. This is fairly common in diseases spread by contact with fluid or bacteria, or the infections associated with dog bites.

      • AllWasWell

        I did think of that, but then I thought about the fact that, when you’re getting attacked, you instinctively hold up your arms to try and protect yourself. So it was weird to me that nothing was wrong with his arms or anything. Perhaps he got essence of dittany right away, so the scars (other than the bite, of course) were healed. Or, as you said, they may be on a part of his body we don’t see. Or, what I think is the most likely reason, Jo didn’t want to weaken the association with illnesses that can’t be seen, like HIV/AIDS, by giving his affliction a physical representation. It’s just from the description of how vicious the attack was, it occurred to me that some kind of lingering mark seemed likely.

        • awkwardjenny

          True, also wasn’t he just a little kid too? Maybe if Grayback was trying to sneak attack him he would have done it at night while he was sleeping so he wouldn’t have defended himself like a normal conscious grown up word. And if it was a targeted bite to pass the lycanthropy and not kill he would only have had the bite and no battle scars…

  • AllWasWell

    P.S. this episode was awesome and you guys are all amazing. Just saying.

  • awkwardjenny

    Great episode guys. I haven’t been on Pottermore recently and desperately need to reread book 7, so could anyone remind me if it says anywhere how Tonks died or if she knew that Lupin was dead before she went?

    • HinkyPuff

      This is from the Harry Potter Wiki:

      “She joined the battle and fired spells down at Death Eaters from a window of the castle, before asking Aberforth Dumbledore if he had seen Remus. He replied that he was duelling Antonin Dolohov, and she rushed off to find him[8].

      During the battle, Nymphadora was killed by her aunt, Bellatrix Lestrange, in the third of their duels.[10] Tonks’s death was avenged by Molly Weasley when she in turn killed Bellatrix Lestrange. Tonks’s body was laid out, pale and peaceful looking, in the Great Hall next to her husband, who had died at the hands of Dolohov.”

      • awkwardjenny

        Thanks! I would like to know at some point from Jo whether Tonks or Lupin knew the other was gone before they died, but I imagine it as both fighting and dying separately. It’s less sad that way for me 🙁


    “Not if he thought I was the spy, Peter,” said Lupin. “I assume that’s why you didn’t tell me, Sirius?” he said casually over Pettigrew’s head. “Forgive me, Remus,” said
    Black. (POA19)

    Poor, poor Remus Lupin. I always thought one of the saddest aspects of his
    story (though it wasn’t dwelt on in the books) was the fact that his best
    friends (who we are repeatedly told meant so much to him) came to believe that he was untrustworthy – after all, it was James and Lily as well as Sirius who must have decided not to tell him about the switch in Secret Keeper; believing, in fact, that Lupin (not Wormtail) had been passing information to Voldemort ‘for a year’. So what had gone wrong? Was this all the work of Wormtail setting out to frame Remus (as he later did Sirius Black)? Was it a sign of anti-werewolf prejudice? Fallout from the Prank? Or something else? I wonder if JKR will ever explain quite what happened to cause this apparent estrangement before the Potters were killed. Terrible for Lupin that he never had the chance to put things right with Harry’s parents. Glad that he and Sirius were reconciled though…