Bonus Episode – Fantastic Beasts in Space!

Today we got incredibly exciting news: J.K. Rowling is penning a new film from her Harry Potter universe, based on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. We couldn’t resist the chance to talk about the news!

In this special Bonus Episode we discuss…

→ Why are we psyched the material is not a book?
→ Breakdown of the official Press Release
→ A history lesson in Newt(on)
→ Could the movie be socially & politically based?
→ Fan Comments
→ What beasts do we want to see come to life?

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  • FredWeasleysGhost


  • Joseph Franks

    Great episode and I’m so excited. My first comment and I have been listening to you since the start

  • awkwardjenny

    I’m listening right now (and I’m listening to yours even before mugglecast’s reunion episode!) I can’t tell you how excited I am for the new movie series. About me- I’m kind of old. Well, not that old- I’m 32, but I was born about 5 years too early to have been part of the world of technology growing up. I also wasn’t 11 when HP first came out. It didn’t occur to me that there was this huge online world of fans and things like release parties and conferences through the series’ genesis because I really didn’t know that world existed. I was a poor struggling New Yorker after college and I didn’t have a working computer (it’s the truth, my friends and I were so poor (how poor were you?) that we shared quarters to buy each other subway fare when we were having a bad week at work). None of us realized what was going on until shazam, the world was suddenly online and we were struggling to figure it all out. Needless to say I didn’t figure out fandoms until the last couple of years and have spent them trying to catch up on everything I missed (I’m on episode 97 of mugglecast right now, if you were wondering). So this time I plan to take advantage of everything I missed out on in my 20’s and finally be a part of the community so I have people to share my love of this world with. Thanks for doing the global re-read too, from the old cronies out there who were still dialing up when it wasn’t cool 😉

    • awkwardjenny

      Um, fancy hippogriffs? Are they wearing top hats and monocles?

      • stephen122333

        I alwasy viewed the ‘fancy hippogriffs’ similar to ‘Dressage’ the competitive equestrian sport.

  • aubreyms

    Did anyone else watch the Young Indiana Jones movies? There were a tone of them too…

    I really hope that Fantastic Beasts turns into something like that.

  • Maritere Domínguez

    Do you guys think it will be like doing a movie of kind of the sort of books Gilderoy Lockart “wrote”??. Like maybe this movie will be about Newt traveling and discovering all this creatures, and I just relate this to kind of ” Year with the Yeti” kind of story… Just my thoughts, but I think this movie is going to be AWESOME and I can´t wait for it, shall we start planning a midnight release party…?

  • Elderdeb

    I’m just wondering….. if the announcement is coming now, just how far along is Jo on this project? Is it just a greenlit idea, or does she have screen play #1 well underway. She snuck a whole book out on us (Cuckoo’s Calling) without a whisper. Perhaps this project is well beyond the idea stage since the press release was made. YAY!!!

  • HallowsMaster97

    Okay, did anyone else cry of joy after hearing this announcement?? I mean, really, tears.

  • James Taylor

    On “fancy Hippogriffs.” We’ve run into them before. In Order Of The Phoenix, chapter 23, Christmas on the Closed Ward. The trio run into Lockheart in St. Mungo’s. Broderick Bode receives a christmas present of Devil’s Snare and a calendar with fancy hippogriffs, one for each month.

    Great episode, great excitement. I love how you guys can turn a simple press release into an amusing hour of talk.

  • Teyanna Necole

    Newt S. was headmaster of Hogwarts!!!! Who would’ve thunk it. Well done Hufflepuff!!!! 🙂