Bonus – Cursed Child Production

First and foremost, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a play, and plays are meant to be seen. Join Alohomora! host Alison, along with SpeakBeasty hosts and MuggleNet staffers Claire and Sophie, as well as MuggleNet staffer Mary, as they discuss seeing the play on stage and how that influences the reading of the script.

On this special bonus episode we discuss…

→ Our impressions, both seeing it before reading and reading before seeing
→ Costuming and sets that bring the world to life!
→ Music and sound design: creating the atmosphere
→ Magic is real! (And it’s made with illusions)
→ Perfect casting is perfect
→ Our favorite moments in the theater

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  • travellinginabluebox

    Loved the episode! Took me back to when I was watching the show.
    I wanted to add that the technology used for the time turner is called video mapping. An awesome example you can find here:

    As already said that is super expensive! But it has been the cooler t thing to do for recent events. Very cool that Cc picked up on that.

    • SnapesManyButtons

      That was really cool! Thank you for sharing that link.

  • Kirsten

    I have a confession to make: I intentionally spoiled myself A LOT to decide whether to read the script at all (roll your eyes if you want, but I chose to do that). The positive reviews outweighed the negative ones in the end and I will read it someday soon. I wanted to say that I’m so excited that I listened to this episode before reading the play, in that I will now be able to picture some of the onstage moments and nuances you described as I am reading the script. As there’s no way I’ll get to see Cursed Child onstage unless it’s recorded for later release, this will be IMMENSELY valuable info. Thank you all for taking the time to share these things with us, especially those of us who won’t be able to see it live. Alison, your enthusiasm is SO infectious!!! Now I CAN’T WAIT to read it, even though it will be “just” the script. I suppose I’m ready for the weirdness. 🙂

    • Alison

      I’m so glad! If you give it a chance, it really is a wonderful thing overall.

  • Slughorn’s Trophy Wife

    I’m SO glad y’all are devoting an entire episode to the canon debate! I’ve engaged in *several* canon conversations with fans on Hypable since the script came out, and it’s helped me determine how seriously the story should be taken (not very), which I feel will help me enjoy future readings more.

  • SwishAndFlick27

    We saw the play on the same day Alison. I’m disappointed that I didn’t see you or I would have said hi. I was sat four rows from the front, second seat next to the aisle, and I can confirm that Voldemort walking down the aisle was so scary and I involuntarily shivered when he walked past haha. The dementors were also terrifying but so cool at the same time. I went to meet the actors after Part 2. I unfortunately missed Jamie Parker but I got the others to sign my playbook and had a chat with them. They were all lovely 🙂

    • Alison

      OH MY GOSH! I wish I had known too; I love to meet listeners! And I’m jealous that you were so close and went to the stage door after. Though maybe it’s a good thing you didn’t run into me; I was a mess the whole time, and my friend and I spent the entire break in the Pret a Manger down the street just in shock, so I probably wouldn’t have been very coherent 🙂

  • Crimson Phoenix

    Just listened to this episode and I was at the show the two days before Alison! Thursday and Friday evening shows. I actually liked having a full day to process the events. It was kind of a fluke that I got to see the show in the first place. I just happened to be in London visiting a friend who was doing study abroad and we wouldn’t have gotten tickets if we weren’t up so early getting me some clothes after the airline lost my luggage. My friend and I cried when we got the tickets, then we cried when we walked in the theater, and of course we cried many times during the play (the nine-year-old sitting next to us gave us very odd looks). We didn’t even really connect the whole “Delphi is the true evil villain” thing until we were waiting for the tube and we overheard a dude saying to his girlfriend that he thought Delphi was really dodgy. Also, the day of Part 2 happened to be the day we were booked to go to the Leavesden Studio tour, so we had a ridiculously Harry Potter-packed day!

    Loved the play, still haven’t gotten around to reading the script, and I do not take it as cannon. Thanks for all these awesome podcasts!