Mandrake Liberation Front

Announcing The Great Mandrake Snapchat Competition!

Hey Alohomora! fans! Noah here with an exciting announcement about a competition you may or may not have already been following! Just days ago, we asked followers on social media to send in snaps of Mandrakes to our official Snapchat account, MN_Alohomora, (run by the very talented snapper Michael Platco) and we promised one contestant would win a free T-shirt from the Mandrake Liberation Front (otherwise known as #MLF).

Well, we got literally tonsĀ of snaps from you all and Michael and I were so impressed with your creativity, that we had a rather bold idea about how the winner of this contest should be chosen.

Here goes: on Tuesday, March 18th (that’s tomorrow) we are going to post a new Mandrake snap on Twitter every hour, on the hour, and the user whose piece gets the most RTs + Favorites will win the shirt, and become an honorary member of #MLF for all time! The tweets will go out from The Mandrake Liberation Front’s official Twitter account (@MandrakeForever)–so if you have submitted a Mandrake snap to us in the past 72 hours, be sure to watch Twitter tomorrow, so you can share it out to all your friends when the time is ripe.

Happy tweeting. (>.<)