Alohomora! Ringtones

Love our theme song? Read on for details on how to get it on your mobile!

Below are six MP3 files, created exclusively for the fans of Alohomora!.  The instrumental version of this song, created by Pogo, is not available anywhere else!

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“Two Beats” – download (right click, save target/link as)

“Opening” – download (right click, save target/link as)

“Electrobass” – download (right click, save target/link as)

“Verse Two” – download (right click, save target/link as)

“Double Kick” – download (right click, save target/link as)

“Outro” – download (right click, save target/link as)

  • Your “Outro” makes me chair dance every time 🙂

    • Kat

      haha! Thanks Erin. We enjoy it too 🙂

  • Sycamore Combustion

    Actually, Umbridge is most like the NSA because, like the trio, while we see her grasping hand from Hogwarts, this action can only be effective if accomplished via the Grimmal Place entry point. Since the trio don’t get into trouble for this meeting, due to the OOTP protections, she can’t trace it yet her guesstimate is still very close which means she’s employing something broader than just one floo and likely monitoringan entire floo network.

    Later, we will understand that the reason for bringing such forces to bear was actually to protect the current establishment while being “reported” as the Ministry’s assurance of being done for your safety. Is the Wizarding World doomed because it forgot or, like Umbridge’s lesson plan, a deliberate “pruning” of what the upcoming generations of witches and wizards are exposed to in order to maintain its political footing?

    The Luna vs. Hermione dicotomy? While it is often presented as an either/or “versus” condition, where we usually look at each character separately, we often forget the third option of “both/and” which often proves the most fruitful. As was brilliantly pointed out by Spectacularly Hypothetical, faith and reason can yield more options than separate efforts.

  • Shelly

    Came here to get these so I can set them as my alarms, as suggested on the latest episode 🙂